Jesse Cortez

Audio & Image Slideshow Interface

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI

The goal of this project is to create an authoring environment and front-end display for multimedia presentations. Images are placed in timed sequence to an audio file (.mp3 & .ogg). Possible used include simple music video style presentations, or e-learning informative presentations.


Instructional Graphic Animation

Flash ActionScript 2, Photoshop

Objective, Goals, Strategy & Measures
The Four D’s
These were for a graphic design portfolio class, a way to add some life and interactivity to some potentially dry subject matter.

ogsm_thumb 4Ds_thumb

Video Reel

I have a background in audio/video editing. Here are some examples of the work I’ve done:

Audition Video

Videography, Final Cut Pro

John “Super Ugly” Williams was announced as the winner of the G4 Dark Horse contest. I suppose my camera work and video editing skills help to put Super Ugly at the lead. Although I will give him much credit for being not only very comfortable in front of the camera, but also possessing actual stage presence as well.

Synced Video & Slides

I started working for Kauzmic Interactive in 2000, while I was finishing up college. I started as a video editor, but as we, along with our clients, moved further into the model of web delivery for video training I had to become more familiar with online technologies. At the time we were using RealPlayer and Windows Media Player a lot in our products, and QuickTime to a lesser degree. All of these platforms offered decent video codecs and scriptable interactivity, but all of them were somewhat burdensome since none were anywhere near globally adopted by users.

Then along came Flash Video, a major add-on tot he already popular Flash authoring platform. Flash video offered fantastic codecs, streamability options and it was backed by the powerful Actionscript language which allowed unparalleled interactivity. Additionally, the Flash plugin was adopted by a vast majority of users, so it was easy to deploy.

This is an example of the Flash “Video on Demand” interface I created for Kauzmic, and was deployed for internal e-learning for Cisco Systems, TrendMicro, Lucent Technologies, and Lam Research. It allowed the viewer to watch a prepared presentation of video synced to a set of slides. The user can scoll through the video, or select a specific slide topic to view on demand. The video and images will automatically sync. The user can also scroll through the slideset and then sync the to the topic of a different slide as they wish.

Kauzmic Video on Demand Flash E-learning Interface

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 1.43.33 PM