Jesse Cortez


My Muni Diary Entry

I told a brief version of this story on Facebook, and my friends at picked it up for use on their site. I wish I could read the dates on coins… I think I would have alot more coins.

01/31/2012 now using WordPress Multisite

I decided that my next challenge with WordPress will be to learn more about the WordPress Multisite feature. What better way to do so, than to throw this site right into a multisite environment without giving it too much thought?

Well, that’s what i just did, and after about an hour it looks like everything is back up and running. I followed the Multisite Create a Network instructions and everything went pretty much to plan. The only hiccup is that uploaded images didn’t get their urls updated. I don’t have many so I went ahead and manually updated their urls in the Media Manager.

My next step will be importing a second site into the Multisite Network I just created. This should result in my ability to update the Simple Retail Menus plugin to work with multisite installations.

Wish me luck!


Simple Retail Menus version 2.0 Released

I updated the plugin with a couple of minor but useful changes.

The first change is that you can now add a menu to the Sidebar of your WP site by adding the menu shortcode to the Sidebar Text Widget.

The second update is a change in the shortcode markup. Previously the menu was designated in the shortcode by the name of the menu, which limited the characters you could use in the menu name. I’ve changed this to use the database ID of the menu, which is a little more robust and will add more flexibility to the plugin.

You can still use ‘name’ in the shortcode, but going forward, using ‘id’ is the better way to do things.

You might also notice a more prominent reminder that I do like donations… they encourage me to keep developing this plugin :)


Simple Retail Menus Custom Class Example

If you want to do some custom styling for your menus, here is an example of acustom CSS class that can be applied to a SRM menu. To use this, add it to your WordPress template stylesheet.

You also need to set the class option in your Shortcode to include class=”custom-menu”.

Of course, you can edit and rename these style to suit your application.


Simple Retail Menus 1.1.1 now available. Please Update!

As soon as WordPress 3.2 was released an issue showed up with SRM that caused the menu item list fields in the Admin view to be disabled, and upon hitting “Update” the menu could be wiped out. Ahhh!

With a quick change to the javascript code I think I have that problem fixed in version 1.1.1.