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Simple Retail Menus v1.1 supports HTML tags!

Updates are coming fast. I realized the great benefit of being able to include links and images in the menu data, so I rewrote the display php functions to allow HTML tags and entities to pass through and render in the browser. It was a simple change and something I probably should have done from the start, but as is probably true of the birth of most plugins, I wrote this one for a specific application with a specific set of requirements which did not include links and images.

So if you are updated to v1.1, you can put things like <img src="" />, <a href="">link</a>, style="", <strong>, <em>, etc. in any of the menu fields.

A few things I have in mind for future updates:

– Adding alerts before deletion of menus & items

– Using slug text rather than the menu name in the shortcode. This would give users more freedom with menu names without breaking the plugin.

– Adding multisite support.

– Allowing users to define the number of columns in a menu. Currently you are locked into the three columns: Item, Description, Value. If you could create a menu with as many columns as you want, then the sky is the limit for uses of this plugin.

All in good time…


Simple Retail Menus WP Plugin now Available

I successfully submitted my first WordPress plugin. Simple Retail Menus is now available for download from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Here is an example menu of items created with the plugin. As you can see, it’s useful for more than just food, service and retail lists.


Simple Retail Menu WordPress Plugin Submitted!!

Today I finally submitted by first WordPress plugin to the WordPress Directory! It’s called Simple Retail Menus, and it’s a simple enough idea for a plugin. It basically allows you to create and manage menus of items, such as for a restaurant or salon menu. And by ‘menu’ I mean a menu of food items or services, not teh “WordPress menu” of page and post navigation.

I created this plugin because I couldn’t find anything like it. I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started, but after about a month of development I think I created a pretty decent plugin.

For details on it see the Simple Retail Menus page on this site.

Here’s one Screenshot:


Will Killer Minitrucks be allowed to Race?

I just now appied for the 2010 Arse-Freeza-A-Palooza 24 Hours of Lemons race in December. Will our bad-ass mini truck be accepted? We won’t be the fastest, but we will slay in the stereo competition. That’s if we can get this truck running by then… there is some work to be done.

Here is a high-tech CGI mock up of what our truck will look like with killer graphics I've wanted since i988.


The Super Ugly Dot Com

Another ongoing WordPress project I’ve been working on is, a site for artist SuperUgly AKA John Williams. HE’s an all-around talent who draws and paints, podcasts, and makes some crazy music and has a lot of clever little things to say. I tried to incorporaet his art into the site design itself. The Blog and Twitter feed are two big elements to the site in addition to the gallery of his art.