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G4 Contest Winner!

John “Super Ugly” Williams was announced as the winner of the G4 Dark Horse contest yesterday on-air! I suppose my camera work and video editing skills help to put John at the lead. Although I will give him much credit for being not only very comfortable in front of the camera, but also possessing actual stage presence as well. In any case, we are damn stoked right now!

Super Ugly

Watch the winner announcement on Attack of the Show.

Watch our audition video.


Posse Up!

An official partnership with the people at Twin Oaks Creative is in the works. They say as soon as I build one site in particular (my own), we can talk more…


Super Ugly





So the cable channel G4 is having a contest to find the perfect nerd who would be capable of being a special correspondent at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. In one day we shot and edited a super awesome audition tape for my friend Super Ugly, an Oakland jack-of-all-trades artist-musician-white rapper-superstar waiter-pop culture database. I’d love to share the video, but I’m not sure if he would agree. It is heavy on showing his geek side, along with all 3,000 of his action figures encased in Ikea glass cases. If he gets the gig, I’m definitely sharing the video. In the meantime, here are some links to Super Ugly’s work. I call him John.

Unified School District Video


Project Completed: Mullins Chain Drive

Brandon of Mullins Chain Drive fame.Brandon is a freaking sweet dude who is by all accounts a metal-working genius. He is the type who has a brain that works so hard it make you feel really lazy just looking at him standing still. In addition to his technical expertise, he also dabbles in nude modeling. We did a little trade of expertise, whereby he got his Mullins Chain Drive site rebuilt using WordPress combined with  a custom theme by yours truly. I, in return am getting some parts fabricated for my old ’61 Mini. The fabrication should prove to be 1st class, since Brandon has some pretty impressive credentials. Meanwhile, his website is humming along nicely. I’m looking foreward to seeing my new seat brackets…