Jesse Cortez

Simple Retail Menus 3.0 Released

After almost a year I have finally release the next version of Simple Retail Menus. I’m pretty excited because it includes a lot of new features. The biggest feature is that v3.0 is compatible with WordPress Multisite installations. This is something many people have been asking for, and now it’s here. Also on the table are:

  • You can upload or choose and image from your media library to add to menu items.
  • You can name your menu column headers.
  • There is now a second value (price) column.
  • You can include a “label” for menus to help identify them in the admin area.
  • The admin page has a nice new look.

As always, I hope the new version serves the WordPress community well. Keep sending in your issues and requests.

And donations don’t hurt either….