Jesse Cortez

Simple Retail Menus v1.1 supports HTML tags!

Updates are coming fast. I realized the great benefit of being able to include links and images in the menu data, so I rewrote the display php functions to allow HTML tags and entities to pass through and render in the browser. It was a simple change and something I probably should have done from the start, but as is probably true of the birth of most plugins, I wrote this one for a specific application with a specific set of requirements which did not include links and images.

So if you are updated to v1.1, you can put things like <img src="" />, <a href="">link</a>, style="", <strong>, <em>, etc. in any of the menu fields.

A few things I have in mind for future updates:

– Adding alerts before deletion of menus & items

– Using slug text rather than the menu name in the shortcode. This would give users more freedom with menu names without breaking the plugin.

– Adding multisite support.

– Allowing users to define the number of columns in a menu. Currently you are locked into the three columns: Item, Description, Value. If you could create a menu with as many columns as you want, then the sky is the limit for uses of this plugin.

All in good time…