Jesse Cortez

Simple Retail Menus version 3.2 fixes a couple of issues

There were a few problems with SRM v3.0 that I have now fixed with v3.2. Version 3.0 includes a few more fields for the user (extra item value field and column header fields), plus it was meant to work with WP MultiSite. It worked pretty well if you were installing the plugin from scratch without having a previous version of it. However, if you were updating the plugin from v2.0 to v3.0 the databases were not being updated correctly. This was because the update function in WordPress doesn’t call the “activation hook” function as I thought it did. This hook is what triggered the necessary database updates. There was an easy fix though: simply deactivate and re-activate the v3.0 plugin. As long as you didn’t DELETE the plugin, everything would work fine. But I still had to fix the real problem, which I did with the release of v3.2.

Version 3.2 includes a new action hook every time the plugin initializes to check that the database is configured correctly. If it is, fine, if not it automatically upgrades the database.

So, please update to version 3.2.