Jesse Cortez

Simple Retail Menus

A WordPress Plugin that allows you to easily create and manage salon, restaurant, or retail store menu lists of services, food items, retail items, or other data.

Perfect for salon, restaurant, and retail store websites, as well as many other applications. Simple Retail Menus lets you create and manage menu-type lists for display in a post or page. This is a free, full-featured plugin. Create as many menus as you want, add as many items as you want to any menu, add menus to any post or page on your WordPress site.It’s simple and easy to use! Just build your menus, then copy/paste the resulting ‘shortcode’ into you post or page.

Example of a shortcode:


  1. Upload the entire ‘simple-retail-menus’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Basic Use

  1. Click ‘Add new Menu’ link on the main Retail Menu plugin page. Give your menu a name (required) and a description (optional). Click ‘Add Menu’.
  2. Add as many items as you want to your menu. Item Names are required. Image thumbnail, description and value fields are optional.
  3. Menu information and menu item information can be updated or deleted at any time. As of version 1.1, basic html can be included in all menu fields.
  4. Change the order of menu items by dragging the rows of menu items into the desired order, then clicking ‘Update Items’.
  5. Get the menu Shortcode. Choose your display options, then copy the resulting ‘shortcode’ into the content of any page, post, or the Sidebar Text Widget.

You can include HTML tags in all menu fields, so hyperlinks, image links, in-line styles and formatting tags are supported.


Define styles in your WP template stylesheet to change the menu styles. See Custom Class Example for reference CSS.

Display Options

Note: Default options do not need to be included in the shortcode. The only required attribute in the shortcode for a menu to display is ‘name’.


Refers to the containing DIV that is generated for every menu.

Options for ‘class’

  • Three class styles are built into Simple Retail Menus: ‘default’, ‘light’, and ‘dark’.
  • If you create your own custom class for your menus you can enter it under the ‘custom’ option.
    Note that the custom class text field will only allow you to enter valid CSS class names. See ‘display.css’ for css style structure.


Refers to the name of your menu. It can be displayed in any html containing element.

Options for ‘header’

  • Any html container: div, span, p, h1-h6, section, article, etc.
  • ‘none’ will cause the menu title to not display.
  • Default: ‘h2’.


Refers to the description of your menu. It can be displayed in any html containing element.

Options for ‘desc’:

  • Any html container: div, span, p, h2-h6, section, article, etc.
  • ‘none’ will cause the menu description to not display.
  • Default: ‘p’


Refers to the html structure the menu data is displayed in. YOu can choose to display any menu as rows in a table, Ordered list, unordered list, definition list or as a series of nested divs.

Options for ‘display’:

  • ‘table’
  • ‘ul’
  • ‘ol’


Version 4.2
* Added a loop to include placeholder values for multiple value column data

Version 4.1
* Improved security against sql injection

Version 4.0

* Image Thumnails use WP sized images
* Image thumbnails can have links
* Updated Admin UI
* Added Rollover zoom for image thumbnails in admin view
* Improved page display code
* Added Admin Bar node for plugin
* Added option for legacy page desiplay for v3 and below.
* Added Variable number of value columns
* Added Ability to hide items from display

Version 3.0
* Multisite Capable
* Menus gain a ‘label field’, a display name in the admin area. Does not display in page/post html.
* Definable menu column headers
* Image uploading for menu items
* Optional second ‘value’ field
* Output HTML and CSS updates

Version 2.0
* Added the capability to add a menu to the Sidebar by including the shortcode in the Text Widget.
* Changed the shortcode to use the ID, rather than the NAME of a menu. NOTE: Name can still be used, but ID is preferred.

Version 1.1.1
* Fixed a bug in the Javascript that caused menu list in Admin display to be disabled.

Version 1.1
* Added the ability to include basic html in all menu fields. You can now have hyperlinks, image links, and inline styles in your menus.

Version 1.0.1
* Fixed Form Action for Add New Menu



  1. Edwin says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I have been using your plugin for sometime now and it works fine.
    Today I have updated to WP 4.1 and, for what I can see now, simple retail menu’s still works fine.

    A question: do you plan on updating the plugin?
    In the WordPress repository is says that it is compatible up to WP 3.8.3

  2. John says:

    The plugin is nowere to be found?
    Wordpress doesn’t have it anymore.

    Can you please fix this, because it’s a great plugin.


  3. Michl says:

    Hi, the download link is not working any more. Is there an alternative download link available? thanx! michl

  4. foxpc says:

    if you work with wordpress 3.5+ you will get errors after you will try to install simple retail menus or if you had installed and you will deactivated the plugin and then activated you will get all this
    i found that the reason is:

  5. Edwin says:

    Hi, the plugin works nice. Thank you
    There is a issue I have encoutered though. In Google Chrome and Safari it displays digits like its numbering the items in the menu’s.
    I have several menu’s on one page and with every menu the numbering starts on 1 again.
    In Firefox, IE9 and Opera is displays fine without the digits.
    It’s not related to the theme as switching tot the twentytwelve theme also shows the digits.
    The site is (planned to go live on july 1st):

    • Jesse says:

      This is happening because you set the menu output as an Ordered List (ol). I’ll update the CSS in the plugin to prevent this, but you can also add a CSS style to prevent the numbering on an ordered list, or change the menu output to an Unorderd List (ul) or a table.

      The CSS is:

      .jsrm-menu li {
      overflow: hidden;
      border-bottom: 1px dotted #eee;
      margin: 0;
      list-style-type: none;

      • Edwin says:

        Great, thank you Jesse. That did the trick.
        Did use Firebug to find the cause, but could find it. I was puzzled where this came from and why it was shown in some but not every browser.

        Such a logical thing that I feel like an fool not to think of that. But I think everone has that moments.

        Thank again and you deserve a donation for the plugin and your support.

  6. John says:

    also can’t add images – when I click on add image nothing happens.

  7. John says:

    I have just installed this and added menu and items but short code box stays blank whatever I do. I have clicked on update for all buttons.

    Please advise


  8. C.Quintin says:

    This is such a wonderful plugin! It’s doing everything I need it to except for one thing – which I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with.

    I would like to have an option in the backend that enables the admin to hide a menu item without deleting it. Is this possible? If so, how?

    Thank you!!

  9. Carlos says:

    Hi, thenk you for this great plugin

    I need to set a menu with 3 values, what can i do for this?

  10. Paul says:

    Hi Jesse. Thanks for the great plug-in. Surprising that this is the ONLY plug-in that I’ve been able to find that can create a salon menu.

    Here is the issue that I’m having. When I create my menu, the code is forcing an inline style of value-1
    $2 up

    thought it might be a theme conflict, but tried changing to the default theme on WP and it was doing the same.

    because the style is inline i can’t override it by using the style sheet. the strange thing is that i have it running on another site as well and it is not forcing an inline style.



    • Jesse says:

      Hi Paul,

      I see the problem. The inline style is written by a javaScript in order to keep the value elements in line with the value headers. This would happen automatically if you use a table, but not so with an ordered or unordered list. However, I see that I didn’t write the script to be smart enough to not affect tables, and also to not affect two menus on the same page the same way. I’ll work on an update to fix the problem. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  11. Joshua McFarren says:

    Great plug-in! The documentation says that definition list is supported but then contradicts that later by saying that you can output table, ul, or ol. IMHO definition list is the most semantic way to mark up this data. I assume that is coming in a future version?

  12. Georgia Gibbs Design says:

    I just installed this plugin. It doesn’t post. I am using the latest WordPress. When I installed it I got a message that it put out 400+ unexpected characters and to deactivate it if I had issues. I am not seeing any code issues but I have tried to copy and past the short code several times without success. Also it seems to not saving the images that I am inserting into the menu item. Are you working on any kind of update?

    • Tony says:

      I too am getting the “400+ unexpected character” message. I have tried installing older versions of the plugin and get this message for all v3 versions, but not for the v2 version. However, none of the versions, including v2 seem to work – when I create a menu nothing is saved!?

  13. Joey says:

    How do I get thumbnails to work. I am unable to change the image size so all images are identical

  14. Andy says:

    3171 = #171

    so if I try to change the order and update it exits out to the list.
    any edit actually..

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