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Simple Retail Menus 4.0.1… a very small change

I updated Simple Retail Menus to 4.0.1 in order to make one small change. In webkit browsers (Safari and Chrome) the ordered lists defaulted to having numbered bullets. I updated the CSS so that the lists have no bullets by default.


Simple Retail Menus 4.0 Released with Many New Features

I just released version 4 of Simple Retail Menus. I’ve been working very hard on this version for awhile and am pretty happy with it. It has several cool new features.

Thumbnail  images: You can now choose a re-sized version of you image from the WP Media Uploader and include a hyperlink on the image. Normally you might use the hyperlink to link to a full size version of the thumbnail, and this will display in Shadowbox or any modal window you are using on your site. The image link is optional and can be toggled on/off. I also included an image previewer when you roll over the thumbnail in the menu admin section.

Variable Value Columns: The default number of value columns is two. You can reduce the number of columns displayed by using the ‘valcols’ option in the shortcode. The plugin can also be customized to allow for more than two value columns.

Hidden Items: You can now hide a menu item. This is useful if you don’t want to delete the item from a menu, but do not want it to display in the menu.

Admin Bar & Side Bar: You can access the plugin admin side from the node int he Admin Bar now. I also moved the placement of the Retail Menus node in the sidebar higher up so that it now rests along with teh Post, Page, Media nodes in the admin sidebar.

Sortable Menus: You can now sort the order of menus int he main menu list.

I am also very happy with the clean new look of the plugin admin area. I hope you like it too, and I hope you find many uses for this plugin!



Simple Retail Menus version 3.2 fixes a couple of issues

There were a few problems with SRM v3.0 that I have now fixed with v3.2. Version 3.0 includes a few more fields for the user (extra item value field and column header fields), plus it was meant to work with WP MultiSite. It worked pretty well if you were installing the plugin from scratch without having a previous version of it. However, if you were updating the plugin from v2.0 to v3.0 the databases were not being updated correctly. This was because the update function in WordPress doesn’t call the “activation hook” function as I thought it did. This hook is what triggered the necessary database updates. There was an easy fix though: simply deactivate and re-activate the v3.0 plugin. As long as you didn’t DELETE the plugin, everything would work fine. But I still had to fix the real problem, which I did with the release of v3.2.

Version 3.2 includes a new action hook every time the plugin initializes to check that the database is configured correctly. If it is, fine, if not it automatically upgrades the database.

So, please update to version 3.2.


Simple Retail Menus 3.0 Released

After almost a year I have finally release the next version of Simple Retail Menus. I’m pretty excited because it includes a lot of new features. The biggest feature is that v3.0 is compatible with WordPress Multisite installations. This is something many people have been asking for, and now it’s here. Also on the table are:

  • You can upload or choose and image from your media library to add to menu items.
  • You can name your menu column headers.
  • There is now a second value (price) column.
  • You can include a “label” for menus to help identify them in the admin area.
  • The admin page has a nice new look.

As always, I hope the new version serves the WordPress community well. Keep sending in your issues and requests.

And donations don’t hurt either….



WordPress Multisite Uploaded Images not Working

I just created a WordPress multisite installation. It’s not the simplest thing to do, but I think I got things mostly working using domain-based sub-sites. The first thing I had trouble with was uploaded images not displaying in the sub-sites, although they still worked in the main site (this site). I could upload images with no problems, either as a post featured image or as an image embedded in a post. The image file would make it into the correct directory on the server (blogs.dir/[blog id#]/year/month/day). I could also edit the image in the WordPress editor. The problem was that the uploaded images would not display in the post. Here’s what finally worked for me…